Subdivision New Service Request


These requirements apply to the installation of distribution facilities that will provide electrical service to a number of lots that are being subdivided from a parcel of land.

There are two parts to getting electrical power to your site:

  1. The first is the installation of electrical distribution to serve the lots.
  2. The second is the application for service to each of the individual lots, which are dealt with as per urban residential service request or commercial service request.

Eight Steps to Getting a Power Line Installed to a New Subdivision

Carefully read the following steps:

  • 1. Apply early in the planning stage

    • Download the  Request for Electrical Service form, or by contacting us at 1(888)757-6937
    • Your application must include an electronic version of the legal survey in AutoCAD Version 2000 or higher.
    • A site plan must be provided.


    If applicable to your project, your application must also include:

    • The owner’s contact name, address and phone numbers, if you’re applying on behalf of the owner.
    • The name of the person who will provide information for service design and installation and differentiate it from the information required for invoicing and monthly billing.
    • The need for streetlights in your application.
  • 2. We will provide you with a tracking number for your service application.

    • Keep this number for reference if you need to call us.
  • 3. We will provide you with a price for electrical service at your location.

    • A letter of quote will be provided for your approval and signature.
    • This quote is valid for 30 days. In order to proceed, this document must be signed and returned to us along with a payment, if required. Your prompt attention will decrease your wait time for service.
  • 4. Once we’ve received your signed approval to proceed, a site visit will be arranged and a construction drawing will be prepared.

    • This construction design will be provided to the owner for approval and signature.
    • Any additional documents that require signing, (easements) will also be included.
    • Read these documents carefully. Once signed, any changes you request to service location or design details may result in additional charges.
  • 5. We will apply for any necessary permits, easements and regulatory approvals required to construct your service on your behalf.

    • Since these approvals are requested from outside organizations, this process may impact service delivery timelines.
    • Construction crews will be tentatively scheduled.
  • 6. You must ensure the service route on the property is clear of debris or obstructions.

    • If required, we will cut and clear brush and trees, as well as cut and repair fences. These additional costs will be included in the cost of the service.

7. The area where electrical facilities will be installed must be within 150mm (6”) of finished grade.

8. If applicable, we will forward a final invoice to you after construction has been completed.

Buried Supply Service

We normally install a buried distribution supply in all new residential subdivisions and will normally install an overhead distribution supply in all new commercial subdivisions. You should advise us of any abnormal site conditions such as rocks, concrete or underground structures that may prevent buried distribution.

As part of supplying service, we normally provide the transformers and all associated hardware. This includes poles, vaults, primary cable and service pedestals. The ownership of these facilities shall remain with SaskPower.

For complete information on service requirements, points of delivery, metering, safety clearances and separation from other facilities, please refer to the Electric Service Requirements (Section 2).

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