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Instant discounts save money and power

October 4, 2016

SaskPower Retail Discount Program returns SaskPower wants to help customers across the province save this fall with the Retail Discount Program. From now until Nov. 30 there are multiple ways you can save money on your power bill and help the environment. “With our program you get instant in-store discounts at the cash register, where […]


October 15, 2013

They’re fun and help you pass the time — sometimes too much time! Electronic devices are on a lot — they account for about 19 per cent of your home’s electricity costs — but they don’t have to be running continuously when they aren’t in use. Get the most out of your devices instead of […]

Office Equipment Efficiency

December 9, 2012

About 15 per cent of the electricity used in the average Saskatchewan business is for office equipment. Things you can do to reduce your electricity use: Turn off your computers and other office equipment when you are not using them, especially overnight and on weekends. Save approximately $30 per year, per computer by turning off […]