managing waste

All forms of power generation produce waste of some sort - but nuclear power is the only one that stores and tracks all the waste it generates.

We continue to work on a plan to manage the various levels of radioactive waste that will come from this project. We’re working with experienced nuclear operators to ensure our waste management strategy aligns with best practices for the industry and follows all regulations.

Currently under development in Ontario, the Nuclear Waste Management Organization’s Deep Geological Repository.

But used fuel isn’t the only type of nuclear waste that comes out of a nuclear power facility. As determined by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, there are 3 levels of nuclear waste:

  • Low-level waste
    • This includes things like industrial items such as mops, cloths, paper towels, clothing, etc. These things would be contaminated with low levels of radioactivity during maintenance or cleanup at nuclear generating facilities.
  • Intermediate-level waste
    • This includes things like reactor core components and filters used to purify reactor water systems.
  • High-level waste
    • This level is reserved for spent nuclear fuel.
For more information on the levels of waste and their management, check out the Government of Canada’s Nuclear Safety webpage. 

Governing Bodies

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission is Canada’s nuclear regulator. The Commission has successfully overseen the safe management and transportation of both nuclear fuel and waste for over 70 years in Canada.

National Waste Strategy

Canada’s Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) is developing an innovative new project to manage Canada’s nuclear fuel waste in Ontario. The NWMO has a clear plan for safe and responsible long-term management. In Canada, that plan is made in consultation with:

  • Canadians
  • Regulators
  • Governments

Learn more about the NWMO and their plan for nuclear waste in Canada.

Our licensing application must include a plan for waste management. This plan will cover the entire life of a small modular reactor, and beyond.

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