BD3 Status Update: December 2017

The Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) facility at Boundary Dam Power Station experienced lower than expected production in December due to extended maintenance at the power plant. Once the power plant returned to service on Dec. 15, the CCS facility came back online shortly there after and captured an average of 2,506 tonnes of carbon […]

Mythbusted: Reheating a Room Uses More Power

Myth: I use more power reheating a room after lowering the temperature than I do leaving it at a constant temperature, even when I’m away. Busted: The energy needed to reheat a house is almost the same as is saved while it cools. Where you save on energy is the length of time that you […]

5 Ways Gift Cards Can Keep on Giving

Want to know how to turn that $25 gift card into savings on your power bill? We have some ideas for you: Save $389 over a 15 year lifespan when you buy five 60W equivalent LED bulbs. Save $25 if you buy a block heater timer for your car. It pays for itself the first […]

5 Questions with Mike Marsh: Year in Review

With a new year just around the corner we sat down with SaskPower president Mike Marsh to reflect on 2017 and look to the year ahead. If you could pick one thing, what are you most proud of in 2017? I’d have to say it’s the big improvements we’ve made with our safety performance. We’ve […]

Five Questions with Donavon Nelson about Moose Jaw’s Streetlights

We recently sat down with Donavon Nelson to talk about how we’re working with the City of Moose Jaw to repair streetlight outages. Here’s what we learned. Why does there seem to be so many streetlights out throughout Moose Jaw? As the days get shorter and it’s darker outside, streetlight outages are more noticeable. In […]

A More Efficient Santa's Village

Improving the energy efficiency of the village is all it took for Santa to save money and help protect the environment. Santa’s Workshop 40% of a business’s power use comes from lighting. Santa made a huge dent in that cost by upgrading his lights to super-efficient options like LED bulbs and fixtures.  With SaskPower incentives, […]

5 Questions with Andrea Boutin on Making Efficient Gift Choices

We had a chance to sit down with Andrea Boutin, Senior Engineer – Customer Programs to learn about how to make energy efficient gift giving choices. What should we look for first? Start by looking for the EnerGuide label. It will show you the average electricity (kWh) used in a year. I have two products […]

BD3 Status Update: November 2017

This past month, the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) facility at Boundary Dam Power Station captured 55,100 tonnes of carbon dioxide for a total of 1,806,585 tonnes since CCS facility operations began. This total is down from October due to a mechanical issue that occurred at the power plant on Nov. 22. The plant was […]

Mythbusted: Holiday Inflatables Won't Add Much to My Bill

Myth: Leaving my holiday inflatables on all the time isn’t a big deal because they don’t use much power. Busted: You probably know that person on your street, or maybe it’s you, who likes to put up those big, inflatable holiday decorations. Often they are giant spiders or snowmen, witches or reindeer. They vary in […]

Ground Shifting Update

SaskPower crews have been hard at work inspecting and repairing services damaged by ground shifting this summer. As winter hits, repair work will continue and customers with damaged services will experience a power outage in order to help crews carry out this work safely. While our crews are making every effort to ensure only homes […]


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