5 Questions with Oliver Larocque about Underground Cable Injection

Forty per cent of your monthly power bill is put toward maintenance and repairs to our aging electrical system. While you can’t see them, there are cables underground that provide electrical services. But many of them are re¬aching the end of their lifespan and are failing more often, causing unplanned outages. We’re on the case […]

BD3 Status Update: August 2017

The Carbon Capture and Storage (CSS) facility at Boundary Dam Power Station was offline for the month of August. This was due to an extension of the previously communicated planned outage at the carbon capture facility. The extra time was required to complete the installation of new coolers on the CO2 compressor used on site.  […]

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5 Questions with Wayne Rude on SaskPower’s PAR Gold Certification

The Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business recently recognized SaskPower’s commitment to Saskatchewan’s Aboriginal businesses and communities by certifying SaskPower with Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) “Gold” status.  We sat down with SaskPower’s Aboriginal Relations Director, Wayne Rude, to learn more about what it means. What is this award about? This is the only certification program of […]

How We're Repairing Meter Boxes Damaged by Ground Shifting

We talked with Ryan Blair, Regina Area Operating Manager, to understand how we’re we’re repairing meter boxes affected by ground shifting. What does the repaired meter box look like after you’ve done your work? We will be extending conductors to allow for sufficient slack if we experience further ground settling, in cases were enough slack […]

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5 Questions with Corwyn Bruce on SaskPower’s Boundary Dam 3

We sat down with Corwyn Bruce, Manager of Carbon Capture and Storage Initiatives at SaskPower, for an update on Boundary Dam 3.   What work is currently going on at the Carbon Capture Facility at Boundary Dam? On May 29, Boundary Dam 3 went offline for its second scheduled maintenance overhaul since it was first […]

5 Questions with Darren Foster on SaskPower’s 2018 Rate Application

  Why is SaskPower proposing to increase electricity rates by 5% on March 1, 2018? We’re focused on maintaining reliable service for our customers while keeping up with the growing demand for electricity. We continue to set records for the total amount of power needed by customers at one time, and we expect this increased […]

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BD3 Status Update: July 2017

The previously communicated planned outage at the carbon capture facility is continuing. Additional work included replacing packing in the stripper tower and work to repair vibration issues on the CO2 compressor. The capture facility will be brought back online and resume normal operations once work is complete. Other work completed during the outage included upgraded measurement […]

Ground Shifting — Inspection is done, now what?

To date, our crews have inspected thousands of electrical services for problems due to ground shifting. In the coming weeks, we’ll continue to move through neighbourhoods in Regina, Moose Jaw, Shaunavon, Rosetown and Kindersley. Here’s what to expect if we’re inspecting homes in your neighbourhood, or you’ve asked us to visit. What happens after I […]

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Ground Shifting Inspections Continue

UPDATE – AUG. 25, 8:45 a.m.:  To date, our crews have inspected approximately 7,800 homes province-wide for meter box issues associated with ground shifting, including approximately 6,000 in the Regina area. We expect to have inspections complete on all homes with underground copper wire service in the Regina neighbourhoods of Uplands, Glencairn and Normanview by […]

Crews Inspecting for Ground Shifting

UPDATE: Our crews will continue to inspect hundreds of homes over the weekend and into next week, primarily in the Uplands, Glencairn and Normanview areas of Regina. We’ll knock on doors before inspections, or leave information about the inspection if no one is home. If we are inspecting your home, you will experience an outage […]

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