Ground Shifting Inspections Continue

July 26, 2017


UPDATE - AUG. 1, 5:15 pm: If you contacted us to have your meter inspected for potential ground shifting, we're trying to have someone there within 72 hours. The additional staff from other areas of the province and independent contractors are helping us to better meet this goal.


UPDATE - AUG. 1, 11:30 am: To date, our crews have completed 2,000 visual inspections, with repairs complete or ordered on 800 of those homes. Our crews, as well as additional contract crews, continue inspections in Regina and Moose Jaw. They’re working to address any issues quickly and safely. We have identified approximately 9,000 homes in our areas of focus that have underground power service which we are focusing on.  If you experience any of the issues Kevin identifies in the video below, please contact us at 1-888-757-6937 (after hours, 310-2220) so we can send our technicians out. Do not attempt to fix any damage by yourself. In an emergency, call 911.


UPDATE - JULY 31: To date, our crews have completed 1,500 visual inspections of power boxes in the Regina area, and inspections continue in Regina. Given the similar soil conditions and potential for the same types of issues, we have expanded our inspections to the city of Moose Jaw, beginning with the Sunningdale, Regal Heights and West Park areas.


The significant dry conditions of the past few weeks have caused the ground to pull away from houses in some Regina neighbourhoods. For those with underground power service, that means cables can be pulled on power boxes, which can cause electrical service to fail.

Since July 20, our crews have been performing visual inspections in Regina neighbourhoods that see routine, significant ground shift, including: Uplands, Glencairn, Normanview, University Park and Parliament Place. We are focusing on areas that have underground power service and older houses.

Our crews have completed hundreds of inspections and are making repairs as they go, where needed. We will continue to perform visual inspections in Regina in the coming days and weeks, and in other areas of the province that have similar conditions.  Our technicians are working to address any issues quickly and safely.

We will pay all costs associated with electrical infrastructure damage related to ground shifting, with no cost to homeowners. Power lines up to a house belong to SaskPower, while homeowners own the electrical system of the house (power box, inside wires — not the meter itself).

If you’re curious and want to check your own power box, look for:

  • The power box tilting to one side;
  • Wires being pulled out from under the power box; or
  • A new and significant gap between the ground and the house near your power box.

If you see any issues, please contact SaskPower at 1-888-757-6937 so we can send technicians and address the issue quickly and safely. Do not attempt to fix any damage by yourself.

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