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BD3 Status Update: June 2017

As previously communicated, there was a planned outage during the entire month of June to address regularly scheduled maintenance at the Boundary Dam 3 power unit as well as the carbon capture facility. The work included cleaning and inspecting the carbon capture facility and applying a number of new technical and mechanical fixes that will […]

Four Hours in a Wheelchair Builds Perspective for Life

At SaskPower, we’re striving to make our workforce as diverse as the customers we serve. There are many reasons for this, including the creativity it brings to our teams, and the respectful environment it helps us create. As part of this ongoing effort, four members of SaskPower’s Executive and one director recently swapped out their […]

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BD3 Status Update: May 2017

The Carbon Capture and Storage (CSS) facility at Boundary Dam Power Station was online for 91% of the month of May. The capture plant experienced two short outages during the month, and was brought down in preparation for the June shutdown on May 29. The facility captured more than 66,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, contributing […]

5 Questions with Debbie Nielsen on SaskPower’s Environmental Strategy

Protecting the environment is just as important to us as powering the province. We sat down with Debbie Nielsen, Environment Director at SaskPower, to learn more about the company’s Environmental Strategy and what we’re doing to minimize impacts to land, water and wildlife. Would you say that our Environmental Strategy is helping SaskPower to get […]

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Weighing the Environmental Impact of Power Projects

Bringing power to everyone in Saskatchewan means that SaskPower has multiple projects on the go at any given time.  In 2016 alone, we screened more than 4,500 projects! And whether it’s routing a new transmission line, building a substation or simply installing a piece of equipment, we do all we can to avoid, and when […]

Collaboration the Key to Vegetation Management Under Power Lines

Saskatchewan is home to many tall, beautiful trees. In fact, we’ve grown and cultivated more than 10 million of them ourselves at our Shand Greenhouse. Unfortunately, we have to trim or remove tall trees that grow too close to our power lines and other electrical equipment. Trees in Saskatchewan cause about 10% of outages per […]


5 Questions with Megan Patterson About SaskPower’s New Online Energy Assessment

When it comes to saving money at home or in your business, it’s much easier when you can see the big picture. That’s why we’re launching a new tool—The Online Energy Assessment—to help you understand just how much power and natural gas you’re using. We sat down with Megan Patterson, Program Consultant at SaskPower, to […]

BD3 Status Update: April 2017

The Carbon Capture and Storage facility at Boundary Dam Power Station was online for 97% of the month of April, going offline for less than a day to address ash buildup in the power plant’s boiler. The facility captured 56,809 tonnes of carbon dioxide, contributing to the 1,530,368 tonnes captured since inception. In mid-April, SaskPower […]

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5 Questions with Chris Briltz on the New SaskPower App

We know that you’re busy and need access to your account info anytime, anywhere. We’re happy to offer our new app so you can do just that. We sat down with Chris Briltz, Director of Customer Experience, Planning and Research at SaskPower, to talk about the app and how it can help you. What can […]

5 Questions with Ming Qian on our 2017 Wood Pole Maintenance Program

At 1.2 million and counting, there are more power poles in Saskatchewan than people. Because most poles are made of wood and were installed in the 1950s, we’re kept on our toes continually repairing and replacing the poles all around the province. To tackle this huge job, we’ve created the Distribution Wood Pole Maintenance Program […]



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