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Our History

Our history is steeped in innovative firsts, groundbreaking achievements and memorable milestones.

  •  1929 — The Saskatchewan Power Commission is established to coordinate Saskatchewan’s electrical systems. Humboldt Generating Station is the first power station assumed by the Commission in November.
  • 1949 — The Saskatchewan Power Commission becomes Saskatchewan Power Corporation, a Crown corporation. Rural electrification begins. Saskatchewan Power Corporation pioneers the use of a single-wire, ground-return distribution system.
  • 1959 — Work begins on the South Saskatchewan River dam project, including the Coteau Creek Hydroelectric Station (commissioned in 1969).
  • 1961 — Under the Rural Electrification mandate, 58,000 farms are connected to the power grid with 90,000 kilometres of single-line wire.
  • 1963 — The new SaskPower Head Office opens in Regina.
  • 1976 — SaskPower Research and Development begins testing wind turbines west of Regina, which were mistaken by onlookers as “new TV antennas.”
  • 1985 — SaskPower becomes the third utility in Canada to use fibre optic technology.
  • 1992 — Shand Power Station opens. It includes the only wetland in North America designed to supply cooling water to a power station.
  • 1998 — goes online.
  • 2000 — SaskPower is the first power utility in Canada to achieve ISO 14001, signifying an environmental management system that meets internationally recognized standards.
  • 2002 — Cypress Wind Power Facility is commissioned.
  • 2004 — SaskPower celebrates 75 years of service.
  • 2005 — SaskPower achieves OHSAS 18001 registration for its safety management system.
  • 2007 — SaskPower is the first utility in the world to complete a workable design for a large-scale near-zero emissions pulverized coal plant.
  • 2008 — SaskPower Shand Greenhouse receives sustainability award from the United Nations.
  • 2009 — SaskPower recognized as one of Canada’s best diversity employers.

SaskPower head office

Our head office building is a unique architectural achievement. Completed in 1963, it began in 1956 when Joseph Pettick, a Regina architect, was hired to design the new SaskPower head office.

The building was designed as a “flowing Y” shape to provide north facing offices with a view of Victoria Park, and to avoid cars exiting onto Victoria Avenue. This design was a distinct departure from the prevailing architectural styles at the time.

When completed, it was the tallest building in Saskatchewan with 13 floors. Due to its curved design, the building is actually longer than its lot, and is covered with over 650,000 wheat-coloured bricks. Yellow, white and gold window frames and solar screens on the exterior contrast the blue, green and purple mosaic tile in the lobby.

The interior design is also meant to evoke the prairie landscape — the 13th floor auditorium is even nicknamed “grasshopper belly!”

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