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Our History

SaskPower has a colourful past and a bright future. Here are just a few memorable moments from our timeline:

  • 1929 — The Saskatchewan Power Commission is created to bring electricity to the province. Humboldt Generating Station is the first to “throw the switch.”
  • 1949 — The Saskatchewan Power Commission is renamed Saskatchewan Power Corporation — a Crown corporation.
  • 1959 — Work begins on the South Saskatchewan River dam project, including Coteau Creek Hydroelectric Station (commissioned in 1969).
  • 1961 — 58,000 farms connect to the power grid thanks to 90,000 km of single-line wire.
  • 1963 — The beautifully designed SaskPower Head Office opens in Regina and is the tallest building in the city at the time.
  • 1976 — SaskPower begins testing wind turbines, which many people thought were TV antennas.
  • 1985 — SaskPower becomes the third utility in Canada to use fibre optic technology.
  • 1992 — Shand Power Station opens and has the only wetland in North America designed to bring cooling water to the power station.
  • 1998 — hits the worldwide web.
  • 2000 — SaskPower is recognized as the first power utility in Canada with an environmental management system that meets international standards.
  • 2002 — Cypress Wind Power Facility gets the green light.
  • 2007 — SaskPower is the first utility in the world to complete a workable design for a large-scale, near-zero-emissions pulverized coal plant.
  • 2008 — SaskPower Shand Greenhouse is honoured with a sustainability award from the United Nations.
  • 2009 — SaskPower is recognized as one of Canada’s leaders for diversity in the workplace.
  • 2014 — SaskPower hits the road to share its vision for the future. After all, Saskatchewan is thriving … and it takes power to grow.

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