Senior Leadership

SaskPower is governed by The Power Corporation Act and is subject to the provisions of The Crown Corporations Act, 1993 , which gives the Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan (CIC), the holding company for Saskatchewan’s commercial Crown corporations, the broad authority to set the direction of the corporation.

Where required by legislation or policy directive, SaskPower submits performance management and investment decisions for review and approval by CIC and the provincial cabinet. Through its chair, who is an outside director, the SaskPower Board of Directors is accountable to the minister responsible for SaskPower. The minister functions as a link between the corporation and cabinet, as well as the provincial legislature.

Executive Members
Our executive is responsible for developing and implementing the company’s strategic plan, operating goals, annual budget and business plans.

Board Members
Our Board of Directors is responsible for setting direction, monitoring and reporting achievement, as well as analyzing, evaluating and taking corrective action for the company.

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