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We’ve gathered curriculum-based lessons to help students understand electricity in a fun way. Developed with educators, these lessons provide information on everything from renewable and non-renewable sources to power generation and delivery.

There are also resources on safety, conservation and selecting a job in the electrical industry.

This is a basic introduction to carbon capture and storage. Students will learn how burning fossil fuels affects our environment and what is being done to change that.

This is a look at all aspects of electricity in Saskatchewan. Included are lessons on renewable and non-renewable sources, how power stations work, and the history of electricity in our province. Also included are resources on safety, conservation and careers in the electrical industry.

These experiments and activities provide students with opportunities to learn about carbon capture and storage as a way to reduce C02 emissions.

These resources will help students see how science, technology and society will need to work together to develop a cleaner world. Carbon capture and storage along with renewable energy, technology and behaviour change will play a vital role.

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