Electrical Permits and Applications


Electrical work in your home needs a permit. It’s the law.

Why is a Permit Required?

Permits ensure the home/farm owner or the contractor is authorized to do the electrical work.

Who Needs a Permit?

You need to have a permit before doing any electrical installation work.

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    • Home and farm owners doing electrical work on their property must have a permit.
    • Licensed electrical contractors are responsible for purchasing permits when hired to do electrical work.
    • It is unlawful for a homeowner who has purchased a permit to have a friend or anyone outside their immediate family do the electrical work.

How Does a Home/Farm Owner Get a Permit?

  1. Print off your Home/Farm Electrical Permit Application.
  2. Complete the application and either mail or bring it to our Regina or Saskatoon inspections office. Inspections offices:

177-1621 Albert Street
Regina Crossing Centre
Regina, SK., S4P 2S5

1370 Fletcher Road
Saskatoon, SK., S7K 3R3

  1. Pay the required fee (specifics can be found on the permit application).
  2. Once we receive your completed application and fee, your permit is issued (and is valid for one year).

What Are the Consequences of Not Purchasing a Permit?

  • Possible delays when selling your home, as potential buyers may ask for an electrical inspection to ensure all permits are in place.
  • You may be fined for not purchasing a permit or you may have to take corrective action if the work doesn’t pass inspection. Failure to do so may result in disconnection of service.

What Should You Expect From Your Contractor?

The contractor should supply a copy of the permit before the work starts. This ensures:

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    • They are licensed in Saskatchewan;
    • They are following the law;
    • They are approved to do the job; and
    • They are obligated to take corrective action in the event of problems.

Electrical Fee Schedule

View the Electrical Fee Schedule .

The Electrical Fee Schedule is organized by the following sections:

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    • Contractor Flat Rate Permit Fees
    • Contractor Installation Fees (Labour and Material)
    • Home/Farm Owner Permit Fees
    • Other Inspection and Related Fees
    • Calculation of Permit Fees

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Online Permit System

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