Gas Permits and Applications


Gas work in your home needs a permit. It’s the law.

Why Is a Permit Required?

A gas permit ensures that the contractor is authorized to do the gas work.

Who Needs a Permit?

A permit is required for all new gas installations and changes to existing gas lines or gas equipment. Only licensed gas contractors may request a permit. A permit is required before work begins.

What Should You Expect from Your Contractor?

The contractor should supply a copy of the permit before the work starts. This ensures that the contractor is:

  • Licensed in Saskatchewan;
  • Following the law;
  • Approved to do the job; and
  • Obligated to take corrective action in the event of problems.


The permit and inspection system supports the safe use of electrical and gas equipment by customers and licensed contractors. An inspector reviews every installation described on a permit, and may decide to conduct an inspection.

A gas inspection includes your furnace, chimney, piping and gas appliances.

Gas Fee Schedule

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Online Permit System

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