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Stop your SaskPower service at your old address and restart at your new address quickly and easily.

Save Time — Report Your Address Changes Online

Start new service, stop existing service, or transfer service online at ExpressAddress.

Transfer Service

You’re an existing customer and would like to transfer your power service to a new address, or you're renting and want to transfer billing from your landlord to yourself.

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    Please give us two days’ advance notice to transfer your existing service to a new address. Notify us:


    A $15 + GST connect fee will be applied to your next bill.

    When you move, your account number will change. If you pay your bill through your bank (pre-authorized payments, telephone banking or online), please notify your financial institution of your new SaskPower account number.

Start New Service

You aren’t currently a customer and want to start new service.

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    Please give us two days’ advance notice to connect new service. Notify us:


    A $15 + GST connection fee will be applied to your first bill. If a SaskPower serviceman is required to go on-site to reconnect the power, the connection fee increases to $40 + GST.

Stop Service

You want to stop service without transferring to a new address.

Stop Service for the Season

You want to stop your service while you are away for an extended period of time.

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    Please give us two days’ advance notice to disconnect your service for the season. Notify us:


    There is no charge to stop your service for the season. If your service is connected for at least three months of the year, a $155 + GST annual reconnection fee will be applied to your bill for the first meter and a $75 + GST fee for each additional meter (for the same customer at the same location).

Power Connections for New Homes and Properties

If you need SaskPower service at a location that doesn’t have an electrical connection (e.g. a new condo development, new vacation home or cabin), you will need to apply for a new electrical connection.

Never Miss a Payment

Use your MyPower Account to set up pre-authorized payments.

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Terms and Conditions

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