Modify Existing Rural Electrical Service


Power Service to Support a Backup Generator

If you want the flexibility of using a backup generator, you need a transfer switch that allows you to disconnect from SaskPower’s main grid to avoid back feed. Commercial options such as a GenerLink are available and would be supplied by an electrician.

For customers billed under the Farm rate, SaskPower offers a replacement power box with meter that includes a built-in standby switch.

These costs are estimates only and subject to an actual quote and site inspection.

Service Type Estimated Cost
We replace the existing power box and meter with a standby switch so you can use a backup generator. This price does not apply if service is to a customer-owned meter box or for services greater than 200 amps. $700.00


  • An electrical permit is required for wiring the plug on the farm power centre standby unit.

Relocating Farmyard Power Lines

There are also options to bury overhead power lines in your farmyard if you wish to eliminate the safety risk and inconvenience of working around overhead lines.

Service Type Estimated Cost
SaskPower primary 25 kilovolt (kV) or 14.4 kV overhead power lines that are located within farmyards can be replaced with safe and convenient underground cables. max. $2000.00

*Total customer charges are subject to G.S.T. when quoting and invoicing.


  • Cost-Shared Approach

    SaskPower will invest a major portion of the cost to bury or relocate overhead power lines in farmyards and immediate work areas. We will invest 75 per cent and all you pay is 25 per cent of the total construction cost to a maximum of $2000.
  • Eligibility

    E34 farm rate customers are eligible for the Farmyard Power Line Relocation program.
  • How to Apply

    1. Determine whether or not you are eligible for the program.
    2. Call 1(888)757-6937 to apply.
    3. Provide follow-up information to us (if this is required, we will contact you).
    4. Review your formal quote, which outlines the cost and details that apply to your situation.
  • Installation Details

    If your farmyard is eligible, the overhead primary line will be installed underground using the most economical methods, without compromising SaskPower construction and safety standards. The existing overhead transformer pole will be replaced with a pad-mounted transformer. You will be responsible for burying any private power lines.
  • Pole Transfer Agreement

    At your request, the existing overhead transformer power pole may be left for your convenience. If your request is approved, we will remove all hardware and you can assume ownership by signing a pole transfer agreement.
  • Approved Applications

    This popular program has a limited annual budget and all applications may not be approved in the same year in which you apply. Approved applications will be carried out subject to annual construction schedules on a first-come, first-paid, first-served basis.

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