New Connections


Already Have a SaskPower Meter?

If you’re moving and your new home or building already has a power meter, you can start, stop or move your service online, in person or over the phone. Learn more.

Need a new electrical connection where there is currently no meter? Find out what’s required to connect service for your project.

Pre-serviced Homebuilders
Homebuilders connect electrical service at pre-serviced urban residential lots within registered subdivisions, or existing lots with infill development.

Pre-serviced Private Owners
Private owners connect electrical service at pre-serviced urban residential lots within registered subdivisions, or existing lots with infill development.

Unserviced Lots and Commercial Sites
New electrical service construction, or alterations and upgrades to existing services, for farmsteads, acreages, resorts, rural subdivision lots, commercial and oil field development.

Connect distribution facilities that will provide electrical service to a number of lots that are being subdivided from a parcel of land.

Energizing Your Service

Your electrical contractor is responsible for obtaining an electrical permit and is required to use energization stickers when connecting or reconnecting electrical services.

We no longer require customers and contractors to provide the electrical permit number for new connects or reconnects. We’ll ensure the energization sticker is in place prior to connecting these installations.

If you’re a contractor, visit our Energization Process page to order energization stickers and learn more.

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    The sticker is placed when installations are ready to be energized, and ensures that:

    • A paid electrical permit has been secured for the service;
    • Wiring on the customer’s service (from the point of delivery to the main disconnect) is free from short circuits, grounds or any defects that might cause hazard to life or property;
    • The customer’s main switch is in the open (off) position;
    • Service is free of any other sources of energization (back feed);
    • For services 600 amps and above, a pre-energization inspection has been performed by SaskPower Electrical Inspections and/or they have approved the service connections;
    • The customer’s service meets the Canadian Electrical Code for grounding and clearance; and
    • The customer’s service meets the provisions of the Electric Service Requirements.

Our Role in Your Gas Line Installation

Customers installing new electrical service often also require natural gas service. SaskEnergy’s role is to install and maintain your gas service and gas meter; however, SaskPower inspects all gas installations where gas is burned, which includes all the piping and appliances that occur from the gas meter to inside your home.

Saskatchewan Turnkey Program

The turnkey program offers subdivision developers a new approach to the design and construction of shallow underground utility services.

Financing Program for New Connects

We offer a financing program to assist new residential customers whose electricity connection costs exceed $1,000 and commercial customers where connection costs exceed $5,000.

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