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Saskatchewan is growing. SaskPower and SaskEnergy have teamed up to make sure your new electrical and natural gas service connections are in place and ready when you need them.

Already Have a SaskPower Meter?

If you’re moving and your new home or building already has a power meter, you can start, stop or move your service online, in person or over the phone. Learn more.

Here are the steps to take to get service connections for pre-serviced lots*:


  • 1. Applying For Service

    • You request new power and natural gas service connections online.
    • Your application will include your timeline and date your site will be ready for construction.
    • In some instances you may be required to submit a site plan.
    • SaskPower will give you a tracking number for your request. Keep it handy for reference.
    • SaskEnergy will also provide you with a tracking number to confirm your natural gas application within the next few days.
    • Ensure your site is ready for construction to avoid delays.


    Apply now

  • 2. Construction (10+ days)

    • By now, we’ve called Sask 1st Call to mark underground lines, the material has been delivered and the crew is scheduled.
    • We get to work.
    • Work can take a minimum of 10 days from the day the site is ready for construction.
  • 3. Connecting Power (2 days)

    • Make sure the electrician has placed the energization sticker.
    • Speed up your service connection by contacting SaskPower when the electrician has placed an energization sticker on the meter socket.
  • 4. Installing Meter

    • A SaskPower representative will come to your site and install a meter.

*The timelines outlined here are approximate only and are subject to change based on the unique specifications of each application.

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