Unserviced Lots and Commercial Sites


Saskatchewan is growing. We’re working to make sure new electrical service connections are ready when you need them. Contact us early in your process so we can help you get all of the approvals you need, and answer any questions you have before the work begins.


Here are the steps to get a service connection for unserviced lots and commercial sites:*

  • 2. Verbal Quote (1-7 days)

    • If the design for your service is fairly simple, we’ll provide a verbal quote. Otherwise, a formal design will be completed before the field check.
    • Verbal quotes will be followed up with a site check and formal quote if you decide to proceed.
  • 3. Field Check (1-7 days)

    • We do a site visit.
    • A SaskPower representative will contact you to discuss the details of your request. This includes routing, transformer location, work to be done and any other concerns you may have.
  • 4. Design (7-14 days)

    • SaskPower may request a site visit to confirm the construction details with you.
    • From there, we will complete the design, request your approval and order the materials needed for the job.
    • Changes to the design requested after customer approval may result in additional charges and will affect the project schedule.
  • 5. Written Quote (2 days)

    • We’ll send a written quote with all the documents you need to sign.
    • Make sure you sign and return these to keep the process on track.
  • 6. Confirmation

    • You have 30 days to send us confirmation of the quote in writing.
    • Confirm your timeline and the date your site will be ready for construction.
    • Avoid delays by starting the electrical permit process with your electrician.
  • 7. Land Approvals (10-30+ days)

    • We’ll work with municipalities, environmental agencies, railways and other utility services to secure land approvals. We make every effort to secure land approvals, but we cannot provide a guarantee.
    • This step can impact the project schedule, so ensure your site is ready for construction on the specified date.
    • All approvals must be in place before construction.
  • 8. Construction (10-30+ days)

    • By now, we’ve called Sask 1st Call to mark underground lines, the material has been delivered and the crew is scheduled.
    • We get to work.
    • You’ll receive an invoice for the construction charges.
  • 9. Connection (2 days)

    • Make sure the electrician has placed the energization sticker and where necessary, obtain electrical inspection. Speed up your service by contacting SaskPower when your electrician has completed this step.
    • A SaskPower representative will come to your site and install a meter.

*The timelines here are approximate and subject to change with the unique specification of each application.

Your Site Plan

Site plans help us determine the quote for service and design for construction. Accurate drawings ensure you get an accurate quote and keep the project on schedule.

  • Rural Residential and Standard Farm Sites

    • The site plan does not have to be drawn to scale.
    • It should include the location of the point of service with measurements from property lines, section lines or road allowances, buildings, driveways, bins, trees, fences, bodies of water, and other obstacles.
    • Safety is key so your plan should identify potential hazards like fuel tanks, in-ground wells, sewer, and water and gas lines.
  • Commercial Sites

    • Site plans for commercial sites must be drawn to scale and submitted electronically.
    • Please use AutoCAD Version 2000 or newer software for these site plans.
  • Oil Field Sites

    • Site plans for oilfield sites must also be drawn to scale and submitted electronically. PDFs of survey.
    • Drawings are acceptable.
    • Oilfield site plans must identify:
      • The lease site
      • The lease roads
      • The pipeline right of ways
    • The site plan should show the site in relation to adjacent surveyed section lines and road allowances.
  • Land Approvals

    • We work with municipalities, environmental agencies, railways and other utility services to secure land approvals before starting construction. The timelines for these approvals vary.
      • Phone or cable lines: 1-2 weeks
      • Removal of trees or bushes: 2-3 weeks
      • Easement approvals: 2-3 weeks
      • Environmental considerations: 4-6 weeks
      • Pipeline approvals: 5-6 weeks
      • Railway crossings: 6-8 weeks
      • Municipality approvals: up to 1 month
    • These are the types of land approvals we might need to secure before beginning our work.

Electric Service Facilities Investment Guidelines

SaskPower may invest in new or expanded electrical services or in alterations to existing electrical services.
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