Report Streetlight Troubles


Report a Problem With a Streetlight

We conduct periodic patrols in search of streetlights that are not working, but with responsibility for more than 83,000 lights across the province we need your help to identify problems in your area.

Report a Streetlight Outage

How to Use the Tool

Use the map to locate the streetlight you would like to report. Streetlights are represented by orange light bulbs.

  • 5 easy steps to report an outage:

    1. Find the streetlight near you by clicking on the Locate Me icon or entering an address in the search box (street number street name, city, SK)Location search box
    2. Select the correct streetlight on the map   Streetlight-icon-green
    3. Click Report this Light
    4. Fill out the form
    5. Click Report and the streetlight icon will change to   Streetlight-icon-report


    If you’re experiencing problems submitting a streetlight outage, please contact us online or call us at 1(888)757-6937.

Repair Time

Once we are aware there is a problem, we look at the cause. Often, the problem may be that the power supply to the light has failed. Repairing or replacing the supply to the lights can take more time as we may need to schedule a crew or deal with the elements, such as frozen ground.

Electrical Emergencies

Do not use this form to report an electrical hazard (such as a fallen power pole, a fallen line, exposed electrical wires or an open power box), or to report power trouble. Call us toll-free, 24/7 at 310-2220 to report an emergency or power outage.

* The Goto My Location tool is available on HTML5 compatible browsers including Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome 10+, Firefox 4+, and Safari 5+

Streetlight Ownership

We maintain the streetlights in many cities, towns and villages across the province; however, not all streetlights are owned and maintained by SaskPower. Streetlights in new subdivisions and development areas, as well as privately owned lights, will not appear on the map.

Anytime, Anywhere Access


Download the SaskPower App to report streetlight troubles anytime, anywhere.

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