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We have tree trimming crews that work across the province. Their job is to take preventative action with trees that are growing too close to power lines.

You can request a SaskPower crew come to your home or business if you have branches touching or growing too close to the line. It's free and will keep you and your family safe.

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In Saskatchewan, trees cause approximately 1,000 power outages a year when they come in contact with power lines. Don’t attempt to trim a tree yourself if it’s near or in contact with a power line. Submit your tree trimming request online or call us at 1(888)757-6937
to report the situation.

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Managing trees around power lines helps us provide safe and reliable electricity. A falling tree contacting a power line can:

  • Cut off power to you and your neighbours’ homes
  • Start a fire and cause property damage
  • Cut power to local businesses resulting in damage and financial loss
  • Put those in the area at risk for electrocution

Our first priority is to safely remove branches that are too close to a power line. If we are able to, we'll also take the branches away. Sometimes large branches or even an entire tree must come down. In those case, we're happy to work alongside the tree removal company you hire to keep everyone safe during the removal process.

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