Business Programs and Offers


Turn more money into profit by reducing your power bills with these programs and offers.

Commercial Lighting Incentive
Save money and help protect the environment by improving the energy efficiency of your building.

Commercial Refrigeration Incentive
Apply for a rebate when you purchase qualified energy efficient refrigeration products. Rebates can cover up to 50 per cent of the purchase price.

Compressed Air System Program
Maximize your facility's savings and improve efficiency.

Demand Response Program
We have developed a Demand Response program as a cost-effective option to supplement the province’s electricity system.

Industrial Energy Optimization Program
Work with us to improve the efficiency of your facility’s process operations.

Municipal Ice Rink Program
Improve the energy efficiency of your rink and cut your electricity costs!

Parking Lot Controller Program
Receive $50 incentive when you install parking lot controllers and cut your electricity bill by approximately 50 per cent.

SaskPower Efficiency Partners
Become a SaskPower Efficiency Partner and arm your business with access to the latest information in energy saving programs, trends and technology.

Solar or Wind-powered Water Pump Grant
Apply for a grant towards the purchase and installation of a complete solar or wind-powered water-pumping system for farm livestock watering facilities.

Do you want to increase your business’s energy savings?

Improve the energy efficiency of your business and receive financial incentives. Visit SaskEnergy for more information on the Commercial HVAC program and the Commercial Boiler program.

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