Compressed Air System Program


Maximize your facility’s savings by adopting energy efficient technologies and practices. We’ll help you get there by providing you with financial incentives to cover costs associated with studying your current system.


  • Get specific recommendations based on your system and facility, including what you can do to reduce your power consumption and savings estimates;
  • You’re eligible for 50 per cent of the cost of the assessment up to $2,000, once the study of your facility is completed;
  • You may be eligible for an additional incentive if your facility implements recommendations from the study; and
  • Reduce your operating costs. The study will measure and monitor your compressed air system’s power consumption, flow rates and operating air pressure.

Who Can Apply?

  • Business customers who plan to undergo a compressed air system audit and retrofit or expansion project
  • Compressed air system must be above 25 horsepower
  • Audit report must follow our program guidelines

Review our information package for full details. When you're ready, start by contacting your compressed air distributer and filling out the application form.


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