Compressed Air System Program


Maximize your facility’s savings by adopting energy efficient technologies and practices. We’ll help by providing your facility with financial incentives to cover costs associated with doing a study on your current system.

Benefits of Becoming More Energy Efficient

A study of your existing compressed air system will provide specific recommendations based on your system and facility, including what you can do to reduce your power consumption and savings estimates.

The first step to reduce costs is to measure and monitor your compressed air system’s power consumption, flow rates and operating air pressure. Small adjustments can reduce your operating pressure and power costs, and improve flow rates and output. Our program will help identify areas where you can maximize savings and efficiency.

Determining If Your Facility Is Eligible

Non-residential electricity customers who are undergoing a compressed air system audit and retrofit or expansion project and have a compressed air system above 25 horsepower are eligible to participate.

Please see the Program Guide, Guidelines for Audit and Report Writing and Report Template for further detailed information.

How You Can Participate

Contact your compressed air system distributor and complete a participation form to get started. You’re eligible for up to an $1,000 incentive once the study of your facility is completed. You may be eligible for an additional incentive if your facility implements recommendations from the study. Or, if you would like to participate as a distributor, submit a request to us. A qualification review will be conducted.

Email us your completed participation form or your request to participate as a distributor, or mail to:

Compressed Air System Program
c/o SaskPower Customer Programs
8th floor, 2025 Victoria Avenue
Regina, SK S4P 0S1

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