Parking Lot Controller Program


We're offering a $25 incentive for each parking spot where an electrified parking lot controller is installed.

What is a Parking Lot Controller?

A parking lot controller is similar to a standard outdoor electrical outlet, except that it regulates the electricity flow to the outlet based on the outside temperature. A typical setting would provide no electricity when the temperature is above -5 C. As the temperature drops, enough electricity is provided to ensure that block heaters are still effective without having electricity flow continuously. After the temperature drops below -25 C, the controller allows electricity to flow continuously.

Benefits for Property Owners

By installing parking lot controllers, property owners can reduce the cost of electricity associated with a parking lot by approximately 50 per cent.

Tenants, employees and other users will not notice a difference, as parking lot controllers are designed to ensure block heaters are still effective in cold weather.

The installation of parking lot controllers can pay for itself in just over one year.

Program Details and Criteria

If you are interested in participating in this program, here’s how it works:

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    1. Inform your electrical contractor that you want to install parking lot controllers as part of the SaskPower Parking Lot Controller program. A certified electrician is required to install the parking lot controller.
    2. The electrical contractor will complete a Parking Lot Controller Program Verification Form — This form needs to be signed by the contractor and the customer, and will indicate the total incentive.
    3. The electrical contractor will provide the completed Verification Form to one of the participating distributors at the same time as the order is placed — the incentive is subtracted from the overall price at this time.
    4. The distributor forwards the completed Verification Form to SaskPower.
    5. SaskPower pays the incentive amount to the distributor.

There is no limit on the number of controllers eligible to receive the $25 incentive per parking spot. However, the product must be purchased from a participating distributor and be installed within Saskatchewan.

It’s that easy! Start saving money today with parking lot controllers!

Distributor and Manufacturer Information


Participating distributors

Eligible controller systems

Central systems

Local systems

Intelligent Parking Lot Controller (IPLC) by Vantera Incorporated

If you would like to find out if a system meets the program eligibility criteria, contact us or call 1(888)757-6937 (toll free).

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