SaskPower Efficiency Partners

SaslPower Efficiency Partners

SaskPower Efficiency Partners are a group of organizations that work with us to help customers make energy efficient choices in products and services.

Partners get the latest information in emerging trends and technology, network with each other, and are knowledgeable about new and existing SaskPower energy saving programs. These programs help us reduce our province’s environmental footprint and the need for new power generation. They also help our customers save on their monthly power bills.

  • By becoming a partner you can

    • Serve your customers better with the latest information in energy efficient trends and technology.
      We’ll share information about emerging technologies, behavioural tips and programs you can take advantage of now to help your customers save on their bills.
    • Educate customers on existing programs.
      Your business will be up-to-date on programs currently in the market and any upcoming changes.
    • Be the first to hear about, and provide feedback on, new program offers from SaskPower.
      New ideas are always in development and you can be our sounding board to make sure they’re on target.
    • Enhance your brand and build customer loyalty.
      Customers are increasingly seeking energy efficient options. Add value to your service and remain competitive.

Potential members of the Efficiency Partners Program could include: electrical distributors, architects, interior designers, retailers, renewable equipment and compressed air system providers, home builders and developers, and more. We will be conducting information sessions with groups in 2016 and targeting the addition of new partners in stages throughout the second half of the year.

To learn about the criteria, view the application form. To apply, email your completed application form to:

Residential Customers

Becoming a SaskPower Efficiency Partner isn't just for businesses. You also have the power to save with SaskPower’s Efficiency Partners Program. Whether you’re starting your business, building a house, or buying new equipment, SaskPower Efficiency Partners have the information to help you.

Partners have access to the latest information about SaskPower energy efficient products, services, and industry trends. They also know how to access the programs that can save you power – and money.

Look for the Efficiency Partners logo on member websites, business cards and window decals.

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