Net Metering Rebate


As part of our Net Metering Program, we’re offering a one-time rebate, equivalent to 20 per cent of eligible costs to a maximum payment of $20,000, for an approved and grid interconnected net metering project. The Net Metering Rebate is available to SaskPower, Saskatoon Light & Power and City of Swift Current electricity customers until November 30, 2018.

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    In return for the net metering rebate payment, participants in the program agree to allow SaskPower access to their equipment and utility records for 18 months prior to — and 10 years after — the installation of the approved generating equipment. We ask participants in the program to submit to SaskPower on an annual basis the total energy production information from their renewable generation system.

    Your energy production data and utility billing records are critical in measuring the positive environmental impacts of the Net Metering Program, and will help to make improvements or refinements in the future.

Eligible Net Metering Rebate Costs

  • Capital and installation costs for the energy production meter, identified separately on the invoice.
  • Capital and installation costs for the renewable power generation equipment.

If other government funding is used to purchase and/or install equipment, this must be identified on the Final Application for SaskPower Net Metering Rebate form and funding from SaskPower will be capped at the point where 100 per cent of costs have been paid by government sources.

New net metering interconnection projects may have any or all additional costs as listed below, however these will not be considered in the rebate payment calculation:

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    • Safety/engineering analyses and inspections required for compliance with policies of SaskPower or your local electricity provider.
    • Costs required for the utility installed bi-directional meter to be located at the electric utility connection point.
    • First-time new electric service connection charges (if applicable).
    • Permit and inspection costs for relevant municipal building/construction permits, electrical work permits and electrical inspection.

Steps to Receive Funding

The process of receiving funding for the Net Metering Program includes the following steps:

  • 2. You apply for the rebate

    • Once the bi-directional meter is installed, obtain and complete the Final Application for SaskPower Net Metering Rebate form.
    • Submit the application to SaskPower with the following receipts and documents(receipts will be returned):
      • Renewable generation system equipment and installation costs;
      • Energy production meter and installation costs, to be identified as a separate cost item within the invoice;
        Note: The energy production meter is a separate piece of equipment from the SaskPower (or your local electric utility) installed bi-directional meter and is required in order to provide information on the total amount of energy being produced by your generating equipment.
      • Copy of your electrical inspections permit; and
      • For non-SaskPower customers, a copy of your net metering interconnection contract with your local electricity provider.
  • 3. We review your application

    • We’ll review the receipts submitted for eligibility, calculate the rebate payment amount (rebate payment is calculated at 20 per cent of eligible receipts, not including GST) and submit the rebate to you.


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