Small Power Producers Program Process


The Small Power Producers Program Process includes application, inspection, connection and commissioning.

How It Works

This step-by-step guide is designed to help you connect to the Small Power Producers Program. SaskPower have the right, in SaskPower sole discretion, to reject any applications at any point during this process and will notify you of this decision.

  • 1. You submit your application package

    Your application documents needs to be complete and submitted in one package. The required documents are outlined in the ‘How do I apply’ section of the Small Power Producers Program page.

  • 2. Your regional SaskPower business office will send you documents

    After we have completed your Preliminary Interconnection Study, you will receive:

    • A quote that includes the total cost associated with connection, commissioning and the meter installation;
    • A Power Purchase Agreement; and
    • A Generation Interconnection Agreement for 34.5kV and Below.
    • You can review your quote with your regional SaskPower customer service office to ensure proper understanding of the costs involved.
  • 3. You sign the agreement and return it to your regional SaskPower business office

    Once you’ve agreed to the quote and contractual commitments, sign the Generation Interconnection Agreement for 34.5kV and below and send it, along with the payment that was indicated in the quote, to your regional SaskPower business office.

  • 4. You purchase your generation equipment

    Finalize the generation technology you require and arrange for the equipment installation on your property. If you change technologies or equipment from what you submitted to us in your application and Interconnection Study, you will have to apply again, and another Preliminary Interconnection Study will need to be completed.

  • 5. You arrange the installation and commissioning of your generation equipment

    Have your contractor or supplier install your renewable energy generation system and ensure it is operating correctly.

    Develop a schedule with your regional SaskPower business office as to when the connection and commissioning of your equipment is to be done, along with the meter installation, and time it to ensure that your equipment is installed completely on your property by your supplier.

  • 6. You obtain your electrical permit and arrange for an inspection

    Your contractor will obtain the electrical permit on your behalf by contacting the SaskPower Electrical Inspections department.

    The inspection can only be completed if:

    • The electrical permit has been paid two weeks prior;
    • The system is installed; and
    • The supplier or contractor has verified that the system is working correctly.

    Call 1(877)225-2224 to arrange for an inspection from the appropriate region within Saskatchewan.

  • 7. We install a bi-directional meter

    Once the inspection is complete the system can now be commissioned and the meter installed. The contractor and installer must be on site together with a SaskPower metering technician, a SaskPower transmission and distribution engineer and, if requested, a SaskPower District Operation staff member.

  • 8. We arrange for payment

    NorthPoint Energy (a subsidiary of SaskPower) will arrange to have the meter read and arrange your annual payment for production.


Application Process Time

We process applications as quickly as possible but cannot commit to a specific response time.

  • The Interconnection Study requests received are typically completed within two months of the receipt of the application.
  • The Interconnection Agreement for Small Generators with a nameplate capacity of 100 kW and the Operating Agreement are processed simultaneously and can take up to one month to complete.
  • The Purchase Power Agreement will only be signed after the execution of the Interconnection Agreement and Operating Agreements, and all equipment is installed, inspected and commissioned. We expect the preparation and execution of this document to take approximately two weeks .

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