Analyze Your Use


Our homes and businesses are filled with lots of things that use electricity, but how we use them is as unique as we are. Do you really know how much power they use? And how that can add up in a year?

Use our consumption calculator to understand your personal power use. Once you know how you use power, it’s easy to take advantage of simple and effective Power-saving Tips and Programs that will help you use less and do more!

power-consumption-calculator_orange-circlePower Consumption Calculator
Estimate your device’s consumption based on how you use it.


lumen-calculator_orange-circleLight Bulb Calculator
LED or CFL - see how to invest in the best bulb for you.


light-bulb-calculator_orange-circleLumen Calculator
Measure a bulb’s brightness in terms of lumens, not watts.


light-appearance-calculator_orange-circleLight Appearance Calculator
Choose the colour of light best for you.


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