Recycling for the Environment


Reducing the amount of waste we produce is the first step in the 3Rs — reduce, reuse and recycle. Reusing materials is one way to reduce our impact on the environment, but when you can’t reuse it’s time to recycle!


Want to recycle an old appliance? Contact the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council for information on your recycling options.


Your old electronics don’t belong in the garbage. Contact SARCAN or the Saskatchewan Waste Electronic Equipment Program (SWEEP) for information on what can be recycled and where you can drop off your unwanted end-of-life electronics. Use the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council database to find out where else you can recycle electronics.


Even though they last up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs, CFLs do eventually burn out. Responsible disposal of bulbs containing mercury, including CFLs and fluorescent tubes, is as easy as proper disposal of other common but toxic items such as paint, batteries and thermostats.

Rather than tossing them in the garbage (where they will ultimately end up in a landfill), recycling is a much more environmentally responsible way to dispose of your CFL bulbs.

  • Find your local waste disposal company

  • Find retailers that accept old light bulbs for recycling

    Some retailers will also accept old light bulbs for recycling too. Check with your local retailer(s) to see if they will accept and recycle old bulbs.

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