Account Collection Policy

  1. All bills rendered are deemed to be in arrears if they are not paid at the time of the next month's corresponding billing cycle.
  2. Late payment charges will be assessed at SaskPower’s periodically established rate against all amounts unpaid at the time of the next month’s corresponding billing cycle, unless there is a written contract to the contrary between SaskPower and the customer.
  3. Accounts in arrears 45 days or longer will be subject to collection activity. Service may be curtailed or disconnected at SaskPower’s discretion until the account is paid in full or payment arrangements acceptable to SaskPower are agreed to with the customer.
  4. SaskPower may require that a customer provide a security deposit as a condition of service or for continuation of service. SaskPower reserves the right to disconnect or curtail electrical service to a customer, or refuse to provide service to a new applicant, if required security deposits are not provided.
  5. The restoration of service for an account that has either had service curtailed by a load limiting device for non-payment or has had service disconnected for non-payment is subject to payment of the outstanding account and a reconnection fee, and either a security deposit or payment arrangements acceptable to SaskPower.
  6. SaskPower reserves the right, to the extent allowed by applicable legislation, to deny service to a customer with an overdue balance from a previous account until that amount is either paid in full or payment arrangements acceptable to SaskPower are agreed to with the customer.
  7. A SaskPower customer who is the recipient of social assistance benefits will have their collection activities governed by any special agreement between SaskPower and the applicable government agency.
  8. Non energy construction charge invoices issued are due when rendered and, like energy accounts, are subject to SaskPower's standard late payment charge if not paid within 30 days. SaskPower reserves the right to transfer the balance owing on an outstanding non-energy invoice to an in-service energy billing account which, if unpaid, may be subject to collection actions including curtailment or disconnection of service.

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