Carbon Capture and Storage


Fossil fuels continue to play a significant role in the global energy portfolio. Proving carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology is critical to securing the long-term viability of sustainable coal production in Saskatchewan and around the world.

Boundary Dam Unit 3 Updates

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Carbon Capture and Storage Projects

Through the development of the world’s first and largest commercial-scale CCS project of its kind, SaskPower is making a viable environmental and economic case for the continued.

How did we get here? Read the story of why we chose this project and how it has gained attention all over the world.

This facility provides technology developers with an opportunity to test new and emerging carbon capture systems for controlling carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants.

The research centre hosts Aquistore, an independent research and monitoring project that demonstrates that storing carbon dioxide deep underground is a safe, workable solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our amine chemical laboratory conducts comprehensive research & analysis to support the Boundary Dam Carbon Capture Project and Shand Carbon Capture Test Facility. This state-of-the-art facility provides a clearer understanding of the types of emissions coming from our carbon capture projects.

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