Chinook Power Station


The Chinook Power Station is a 350 megawatt (MW) combined cycle natural gas facility being constructed in the Rural Municipality of Swift Current, Saskatchewan.

SaskPower is building the station to:

  • Meet the growing demand for power in the province of Saskatchewan.
  • Support the integration of intermittent renewable generation (wind & solar).
  • Provide replacement power for the retirement and/or refurbishment of conventional coal-fired generating units.

The procurement, design and construction of the facility will be managed by Burns & McDonnell, an engineering, procurement and construction firm that was also involved in the 2015 expansion of the Queen Elizabeth Power Station in Saskatoon. They were selected as the result of a competitive procurement process in 2015.

The Chinook Power Station is only one part of the development work in the Swift Current area. Transmission and distribution power lines, an electrical switch yard and TransGas infrastructure are all required to make the overall project a success.

The planned in-service date is October 1, 2019.

Building the facility will also create jobs— up to 500 during the construction process with an estimated 24 workers to run the facility going forward.

Combined cycle gas turbine technology is proven and highly efficient, while offering strong greenhouse gas emissions performance among thermal facilities.

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Site Location

Chinook Power Station - Map




Check out our 3D model for an early look at the completed project

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