Our Electricity

How Power Gets from Us to You

Turning on your lights is the end result of an electrical journey that begins with a generation facility and is made possible thanks to a reliable transmission and distribution system.

Electricity leaves a generating plant and is raised to a high voltage to travel efficiently over long-distance transmission lines to a substation. From there, voltage is lowered through a series of smaller substations and transformers to reach customers in a safe, low-voltage form along distribution lines. View our infographic to see how power gets to you.

Meeting the Demand of Today and the Future

Our electrical systems are designed to meet power needs at the moments of highest demand. We use a probability method to determine the reserve criteria, which is calculated to be 13 per cent above expected peak demand, to allow for scheduled plant repairs, unexpected generation outages or to be prepared for unusually severe weather.

Forecasts are developed annually to determine the energy and peak energy requirements. This forecast forms the basis for capacity additions, maintenance schedules, power plant operations, fuel requirements, operation budgets and corporate revenue.

System Map:

A map of the electrical system in Saskatchewan

Our Energy Mix

We’re exploring a mix of supply options that include renewable and non-renewable sources. We’re focused on the development of cleaner generation and having the right mix of options to ensure we can continue to power the province now and into the future. Learn more about the supply options available to us.