Coal with CCS Technology


Coal is a non-renewable energy source used by half of the world’s utility companies, including SaskPower. The federal government states that all coal-fired units built before 1975 must close by 2020, and units built after 1975 will close by 2030, unless they have Carbon Capture and Storage technology (CCS).

We’re investing in CCS technology and have already successfully converted part of the Boundary Dam Power Plant so it can reuse and store greenhouse gases, instead of releasing them into the atmosphere.

Fly ash

One of the by-products of burning coal is fly ash, which is a fine ash that can be sold and used in ready-mix concrete, mine backfill, oil well cementing, road base stabilization and liquid waste stabilization.

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Where We Use Coal with CCS Technology

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How It Works

See how we use coal to generate electricity.

Evaluating the Options

Our supply option ratings are based on expertise, research and experience. Having a balanced mix of generation options is crucial for our province’s future growth.

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