Natural Gas


Natural gas is a non-renewable energy source (meaning once it’s burned it’s gone for good). Compared to coal, it produces 50 per cent less greenhouse gases but it will have even stricter regulations in the near future. There are two ways we can use natural gas to create electricity:

Simple cycle gas turbines use heat from when the gas is burned to turn a turbine and generate electricity. This method is best when power use is at its peak, like hot summer days, or in the middle of winter.

Combined cycle gas turbines add another step and use hot air from the burning gas to create steam. The steam powers a turbine, which generates electricity and can be up to 15 per cent more efficient than using simple cycle alone.


Where We Use Natural Gas

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How It Works

See how we use natural gas to generate electricity.

Evaluating the Options

Our supply option ratings are based on expertise, research and experience. Having a balanced mix of generation options is crucial for our province’s future growth.

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