Our Environmental Commitment


We know how important it is to do everything we can to help protect the natural beauty of this province we call home. We're committed to our goals of reducing emissions by 40% (below 2005 levels) and reaching 50% renewable power generation capacity by 2030. That includes doubling our wind capacity by 2030 and committing to community and  utility-scale solar power projects.

That's not the only way we're working towards a cleaner and healthier province. Our environmental commitment includes projects, practices and people that focus on four key areas:

Protecting the environment through quality business practices and engaged employees.

Risks to the environment are identified early and managed to protect our land, air, water and wildlife.

Research that combines quality data with the knowledge of our environmental experts.

Strong working relationships and open communication to meet shared environmental goals.

Did you know?

  • We've set a target of 50% of generation capacity from renewables by 2030. How are we going to get there? Read our Renewables Roadmap.
  • In the fall of 2014, Boundary Dam Power Station near Estevan, SK, became the first power station in the world to successfully use Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology. Learn more about Carbon Capture and Storage.
  • We're going solar! We plan to add 60 MW of utility-scale solar power in Saskatchewan by 2021. Learn more... join the Solar Conversation.

Our Environmental Commitment (PDF)


Read our full Stewards of the Environment plan.

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