Minimizing Damage to the Environment


Every time we use energy, we’re responsible for producing greenhouse gases. Electricity production, driving a car, heating our homes and operating farm machinery are just some of the ways we contribute to climate change in our daily lives.

The Story of Shand Greenhouse

From planting to harvest 138 , to distribution and everything in between, find out just what grows on at the Shand Greenhouse.

The Carbon Cycle

Carbon is being released into the atmosphere 138 more quickly than it can naturally be removed. Find out what you can do to help restore the balance.

Coal: From the Ground Up

Coal is a low-cost fuel supply for electricity generation 138 — and we have lots of it in Saskatchewan! See how it gets from the mine to the power plant — and what's being done to clean up the process.

Electricity: A Fine Balance

Electricity is an important part of our daily activities. 138 Find out how electricity is produced and what steps we’re taking to help minimize the environmental impact.

Shand Greenhouse

Shand Greenhouse, built in 1991 adjacent to the Shand Power Station, helps to offset the environmental impacts of generating electricity for Saskatchewan communities.

We invest in the environment by growing native plants to Saskatchewan, and distribute seedlings free of charge to schools, communities and individuals for conservation and wildlife habitat projects. Apply for your free seedlings today!


Visit Us!

Shand Greenhouse is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 pm (excluding statutory holidays). Contact us in advance if you would like to arrange a group tour.

Although there is something different to see during every season at the greenhouse, the best time to visit is from June to October or from February to May. During these periods visitors can see the greenhouse in full crop production.

  • Get directions

    We are located adjacent to Shand Power Station, about 10 km southeast of Estevan.

    From Estevan — Take highway 39/18 east for 3 km. On the south side of the road will be a sign directing you to Shand Power Station and Shand Greenhouse. At the sign turn south and follow the paved road for 7 km. Shand Greenhouse is located immediately off the road and adjacent to Shand Power Station.

Book a Presentation

We have a shared responsibility of caring for the environment. We’re available to make presentations to service clubs and at trade shows in communities around Saskatchewan. Contact us if you’re interested!

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