It Takes Power to Grow — Chapter 2

What will it take to power the future?

Electricity is essential to our lives. We expect it to be there when we need it to power the devices and systems that drive nearly everything we do. We all pay for power, and we expect it to be reliable, sustainable and cost-effective. That’s about as much as most of us think about the process!

SaskPower is working to ensure that the system that creates and delivers our power is ready to support growth and change in Saskatchewan – today and into the future. But this requires a major investment. Rates are going up, and customers want to know why.

That’s why we’re out talking to customers about our need to invest.


We need to keep our system reliable, and we need to ensure that we can support growth in our province. Without involving customers in the conversation, the road ahead will be more difficult. No one likes rate increases, but if we can raise awareness about the need to invest – and the consequences of ignoring the problem – we will all be more informed, and understand the role that we all play in helping to power the future.

Learning through interaction

The Power to Grow experience features interactive stations that remind us of the importance of power, shows how we’re using more power than ever before, and demonstrates the challenges Saskatchewan has ahead. For example, did you know we could be facing a power shortage in our province in the not-too-distant future?

“This was a very engaging way of sharing SaskPower's story - past, present and most importantly future needs. Well done! ”Malcolm Eaton, Mayor of Humboldt

We’re committed to sharing information and answering your questions about the investments we’re making and how the money you pay on your bill each month goes to repair and rebuild the grid, to buy the fuel to generate power and to the costs of running our business.

How are we doing?


Power to Grow Tour

Since launching in 2014, we've made 227 tour stops in over 100 Saskatchewan communities. Of those who have been through the experience, four out of five survey respondents agree or strongly agree that the province is facing a power infrastructure challenge.

If you have a school or community event that you’d like to tell us about, please let us know .

If you see us in your community, please stop by to learn more about the work underway to ensure that everyone in Saskatchewan has the most reliable, affordable and sustainable power, for this generation and the next.

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