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Report an Outage

Follow our Twitter feed for real-time alerts and updates on unplanned power outages in your area. Not ready for the Twitterverse? Call 310-2220 (toll-free) to receive updates on power outages. If you are out of province, or have an out-of-province phone number, call 1-888-355-5589.

Latest updates

  • #skoutage: Saskatoon, Pacific Heights area around Devonshire, Diefenbaker, Devonshire and surrounding Streets. All power restored!
    5 hours ago
  • #skoutage: Beauval. All Power Restored.
    6 hours ago
  • #skoutage: Beauval outage. Storming. Crew En-route. No ETR
    6 hours ago

Power outages

You can help us fix an outage by providing us with detailed information. The more we know, the faster we can help.

Tell us what kind of power trouble you are reporting:

Fallen power lines

Stay away from fallen power lines, even if they don't appear to be energized. Live power lines can cause serious injury and/or be fatal. If you see fallen power lines, call us at 310-2220.

If someone has been injured or trapped, call 911 first.

Report streetlight trouble

Let us know if there is a burnt-out streetlight in your area.

Report a streetlight outage

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