Worker Safety

Working Around Power Lines

Learn how to prevent a line contact and how to react to a downed power line with this helpful poster and this infographic.

Emergency Personnel Handbook

Information handbook to assist police, fire, ambulance and emergency response personnel in emergencies involving electrical facilities.

Help Keep Safety Top of Mind with Safety Decals

Make sure you know the steps to take in an emergency situation. Download our safety decal and put it somewhere handy in your work vehicle.

Locate Underground Power Lines

When planting trees, digging post holes, drilling a well or doing any excavation work — always contact Sask 1st Call before you dig. We’ll locate and mark any SaskPower-owned underground power lines at no cost to you.

Stay Safe on the Farm

Use our Farm Safety Checklist to be aware of 138 danger and prepared for any situation. Watch our video about Jeb Dunlap, a man whose life was forever changed after he struck a line with a pipe when he was a teenager.

Know What to Do If You’re in a Vehicle Accident

Whether you are involved in an accident 138 or you come across an emergency situation where others need help — always think safety first. Learn what do in an emergency involving Vehicle Accidents and Electrical Safety.

If you're a first responder, be aware of the risks before you are faced with an emergency.

Everything can change in a moment. Read Aaron's story.

Construction Safety Video: Electricity — The Invisible Killer

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Farm Safety Video: You’ve Got a Lot on the Line

Health and Safety Resources

Learn how to remain safe while on a SaskPower job site.


Contractors’ Extranet

Online services and resources for current region power line contractors

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