Ground Shifting Inspections

One of the driest summers on record in southern Saskatchewan is causing the ground to shift drastically, damaging meter boxes. SaskPower employees are checking the meter boxes likely affected with the help of contracted electricians.

If you’d like to inspect your own meter box, watch our video below to see how.


Report damage to your meter box online or call 1-844-231-1155 to request an inspection.

Report Damage

Since mid-July, we have inspected thousands of meter boxes, and these inspections continue.

  • Our highest priority remains customers with underground, copper-wire service and older houses built in the 1960s and 1970s
  • Customers in areas with significant, ongoing ground shifting are encouraged to keep an eye on their meter box and look for any signs of damage, even if we have previously inspected your service.

Inspections and Repairs

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