The Faces of Power Safety

Read the stories of the men and women who are the Faces of Power Safety.

We know there are many things to keep in mind to make sure your farm is safe for everyone

Hear Bobby's powerful message for his own words.

The SaskPower Safety Team talks with Saskatchewan people in the farming and construction industries to find out what their greatest challenges are.

The SaskPower Safety Team tests the people of Saskatchewan on power safety—and has a lot of fun doing it!

Joel Presko has been farming all his life, but loves one aspect of the job in particular.

The SaskPower Safety Team visited the largest trade show in the country, Canada’s Farm Progress Show.

It was a bright Saturday afternoon in May when young farmer, Robert (Bobby) Montreuil, was jolted awake behind the wheel of his tractor.

We came upon a young site superintendent working in Regina. For Chris, safety is the most important, and most difficult, component of his job.

Bill and his wife Karen have been farmers their entire lives. Bill is no stranger to the dangers associated with farming and understands there is a lot at stake.

The SaskPower Safety Team, Suzanne and Isaac, begin their journey around the province, taking safety to the streets (and fields, and grid roads, and barns) of Saskatchewan.

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