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Our Shand Greenhouse grows approximately 500,000 trees, shrubs and native plants a year through waste heat generated by Shand Power Station.

Be aware of the dangers before you plant trees

Trees coming into contact with power lines is not only dangerous, but it can lead to unplanned power outages. Learn more about the dangers before you plant trees.

We provide a selection of tree and shrub seedlings free of charge to Saskatchewan not-for-profit agencies, service clubs, conservation agencies and individual landowners for shelterbelts, wildlife habitat and reclamation projects. The number one requirement is a shared commitment to preserve and enhance Saskatchewan’s natural landscape. Applications are accepted July 1–March 15.

Why plant seedlings?

Planting, protecting and maintaining trees and shrubs can help us to:

  • Sequester CO 2
  • Enhance the appearance of a particular area
  • Improve wildlife habitat by providing shelter and food
  • Reduce soil and wind erosion
  • Reclaim marginal or disturbed tracts of land

Who is eligible?

All shelterbelt, wildlife habitat and reclamation projects that will be planted on land holdings no less than 4.04 ha (10 acres) are eligible, provided:

  • Seedlings are not for profit or gain
  • Seedlings are not intended for yard or commercial landscaping purposes
  • Projects are environmentally sound

Review our eligibility requirements for full details.

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If you're not sure what to plant, check out our Tree and Shrub Planting Guide.

Available Tree and Shrub Types

Please note that due to high demand, supply is limited to these types of trees and shrubs in 2016:

Choke Cherry, Colorado Blue Spruce, Green Ash, Siberian Crab, Siberian Larch, Western Sandcherry, White Spruce

When you're ready, you can apply for your seedlings using our online tool or print off an application form and mail, fax or email it to us.

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