1. I have more than one name on my account – what name do I enter?

If you’re setting up a new online account, use the first name on your power bill. Make sure you type your name exactly how it is on your bill. This includes spaces and commas.

Our system can only accept 25 characters. So please only enter the first 25 characters on your bill.

2. My pin number isn't working.

Make sure you keep the registration window open while you get the pin number we emailed you. If you close the window the pin will be invalid.

You can only enter a pin number once. If you enter it in wrong you’ll need to ask for a new pin.

3. I need a new pin number.

If your pin isn’t working you’ll need to request a new pin. To do this you’ll need to re-enter your user name and password in the sign up screen. And a new pin number will be emailed to you.

4. What are the password requirements for my online account?

Your password must include:

  • Minimum of eight characters (can't include your user ID)
  • One lower case letter
  • One uppercase letter
  • One number

For your security, we recommend you change your password regularly.

5. What’s the best internet browser to use?

Make sure your browser is up to date. Using the newest version of any browser will give you the best experience.  

6. Why am I being charged a fee to use my credit card?

We wanted to avoid passing the cost of credit card payments to all customers. That's why those choosing to pay by credit card are being charged a 1.40% fee.

This fee is charged by the third party for the service provided, not by SaskPower.

7. Why is the “Meter Consumption” menu on some of my accounts but not others?

This option is only available to accounts with AMI meters (smart meters).

Consolidated account with AMI meters can’t access this menu because they’re more complex.

8. Can more than one person have access to the same account online?

Yes! You can have more than one profile for your online account. You can register for a second account the same way you created the first one.

9. Why are payment options not available on all of my online accounts?

Because consolidated accounts are more complex, you can’t make payments through your online account. Payment options are available to all other account types.

10. Why is the “Meter Consumption” item on some of my accounts but not others?

Only accounts with Smart Meters will see this option.

If you have a consolidated account, you won't be able to access this item.

11. Can more than one person have access to the same SaskPower account online?

Yes! You can create more than one profile for the same account.

To do this you'll need the other person to sign up for an online account. Make sure you have the account number and the name on the bill.

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