The following information applies to customers requiring service 25kV and under.

Access Your Meter Data

View and download power usage for sites using MV-90 meters.

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About Us

Current Financial Reports
Review our highlights and analyses of our quarterly financial and operating results.

Accounts and Services

Access Your Business Account Online
View and download billing and usage data for each of your consolidated accounts.

Electrical Service Requirements
Requirements for the connection of electrical service to SaskPower’s facilities.

Oil Field Service
Need a new electrical connection where there is currently no meter? Find out what’s required to connect service for your project.

Power Rates
Current power supply rates.

Terms and Conditions of Service
The basic requirements of customers with respect to all electrical services and other SaskPower services with the exception of matters dealt with in SaskPower’s OATT.

Efficiency Programs

Business Programs and Offers
Turn more money into profit by reducing your power bills with these programs and offers.

Our Power Future

Construction Projects
Current projects underway across Saskatchewan to meet the province’s growing power needs, today and into the future.

Our Electrical System
A look at our electrical system which is designed to meet power needs at the moments of highest demand.

Supply Options
A mix of supply options that include renewable and non-renewable sources. We’re focused on the development of cleaner generation and having the right mix of options to ensure we can continue to power the province now and into the future.


The Causes of Power Outages
We understand that outages are a significant impact to your operations. We take that seriously. Learn more about outages causes and what we’re doing to prevent them.

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