tractor contacted with a power pole

Always keep safety top of mind. Take the extra time to ‘Look Up and Live’ while working around overhead power lines. It could prevent serious injury or even death. 

There are more than 300 incidents of farm machinery contacting overhead power lines in Saskatchewan each year. All are preventable. Over half happen during the busy spring seeding season – between April and June.

Today’s farm machinery – including augers, seeders, cultivators and sprayers – is bigger than ever. Be sure to take your time, know your equipment, and identify the risks before you start your work. 

Preventing Overhead Line Contacts

Use our Look Up and Live map to plan your route around overhead lines near you.

Check out the tips below to avoid contacting power lines when working around them:

  • Take multiple breaks throughout the day and ensure you get plenty of rest before heading to work.
  • Be aware of the power lines around you and plan your route ahead of time. Lower equipment where needed and use a spotter.
  • If you're moving a large load around power lines, let us help you stay safe. Request an oversized load move.
  • In high traffic areas, we’ll cost share the cost to move overhead lines in farmyards. Learn more.

How to React to a Downed Power Line

1Stay Back

If you see a power line that’s on the ground, stay back at least 10 metres (33 feet). That's about the length of a city bus. Call us at 310-2220 or 911 to report it. Keep others in the vicinity at least a bus-length away.

2Stay Put

If your vehicle or equipment contacts a power line, stay put. Call us at 310-2220 or call 911 if it’s an emergency. Stay put until help arrives.

3Last Resort

If your vehicle is on fire and you must exit:

  • Make sure no wires are in your way.
  • Stand in doorway, cross arms, put feet together.
  • Jump as far as possible, land with feet together.
  • Do not touch the vehicle.
  • Keep arms crossed, feet together, and HOP at least 10 metres to safety.

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