Preventing Contact with Power Lines

Stay Away. Stay Alive.

A power line that’s on the ground is dangerous. Always assume it’s live – even if it’s not sparking or making a sound.

If you come across a downed or damaged line, follow these steps:

  1. Stay back at least 10 metres (33 feet). That's about the length of a city bus
  2. Call us at 310-2220 or 911 to report it
  3. Keep others in the vicinity at least a bus-length away

In emergency situations -- like a fire or a line down in a playground or across a highway – call 911. Otherwise, please call our 24-hour Outage Centre at 310-2220.

Working Around Power Lines

Whether you're working on a job site or at home in your yard — never get too comfortable with your surroundings. Always be aware of power lines and other electrical hazards.

Some jobs around your home may take you close to power lines. This includes working on your roof, trimming trees, or doing exterior renovations. Keep yourself and any tools you’re using at least 3 metres away from power lines.

Never try to move a downed power line with any object. Stay clear of low or sagging power lines.

Causes of Downed Power Lines

Extreme weather can damage power lines. It can cause branches and trees to fall on the lines, bringing them down.

Public accidents – including those with farming equipment, personal vehicles, and workplace incidents – can also bring power lines down.

Learn more about what to do if you vehicle or equipment contacts a power line.

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