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We know outages can be inconvenient. That’s why, no matter if it’s planned or unplanned, we do our best to share accurate, up-to-date information with you as quickly as possible when outages occur.

Where to Find Outage Updates

We provide outage updates on:

  • saskpower.com
  • MySaskPower or the SaskPower App – My Outage Areas
    • Turn on notifications through your MySaskPower account to get personalized alerts via text and/or email for the areas that matter to you
  • X (formerly known as Twitter): @saskpower
    • We tweet updates about outages that affect 25 or more properties in rural areas and urban areas.

How We Communicate During Unplanned Outages

While every outage is different, we’ll keep you updated every step of the way while we work to restore power.

  • If an outage affects fewer than 25 properties, it may not show on our map. If you’re experiencing an outage and don’t see it on our map or Twitter, please report it by calling us at 310-2220 or at saskpower.com/reportoutage.
  • Until power is restored, we’ll provide updates every 2-3 hours and an estimated time of restoration (ETR) if known.
    • During large outages, updates may not be provided every 2-3 hours as usual.
  • We get our updates from our power line technicians (PLTs) who are on-site working to repair the outage. Their priority is to get your power back on as soon as safely possible. This may delay how often they can stop to provide updates. We appreciate your patience.

During an unplanned power outage, updates are typically posted in the following order or as we learn new information:

Outage Message What It Means
We’re aware of the outage, crews have been dispatched
  • We use outage reports from customers and/or smart meters to determine what area(s) are affected and confirm that crews are en route to determine the cause.  
  • At times, crews must travel great distances to the site of an outage.
Crews are investigating the cause of outage, ETR (if known)
  • Sometimes crews can’t easily find the cause of the outage, mainly during severe weather, in areas that are difficult to access or if the issue is with underground equipment.
  • We’ll still try to provide an update that we’re investigating but don’t have an ETR yet.
Crews are making repairs, ETR (if known)
  • We’ll provide updates as we work to fix the issue and let you know if the original ETR is still on track or if it has changed.
Repairs are complete, power has been restored
  • We’ll confirm when the cause of the outage has been repaired and power has been restored.
  • If you’re still experiencing an outage, please call us at 310-2220 or report it online.
  • We’ll also let you know if we’ll need to schedule a planned outage at a later time to do further repairs or complete system switching.

The Future of Unplanned Outages

We’re continuing to modernize our grid across the province by adding smart meters and other pieces of smart technology.

One of the benefits of a modern grid is the ability to pinpoint the source of the issue when an outage occurs, allowing us to get your power back up and running faster.

Learn more about smart meters and how we’re modernizing the grid today.

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