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Always stay away from fallen power lines. Water conducts electricity, and electrocution in water can be fatal. In an emergency, call 306-310-2220 (toll free).

Cutting Power to Flooded Areas

We must cut power to any area that has flooded. Safety is our top priority; by shutting off power, we minimize the risk of electrical shock or electrocution due to fallen power lines and fallen power poles. This allows us to restore power safely and as quickly as possible. Cutting the power also protects our electrical equipment from water damage, which would delay our power restoration efforts.

Be Aware of the Dangers of Dams, Spillways and Reservoirs

The water in and around SaskPower dams, spillways and reservoirs may not look hazardous, but it is dangerous and can even be fatal. Pay attention to all warning signs and barriers, and stay away from the water or ice around SaskPower facilities. Respect the power of water and stay safe when enjoying outdoor water sports and leisure activities.

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