Scams are more popular than ever. And they’re becoming harder to recognize. Scammers try to gain your trust by pretending they’re us – but they’re not. You don’t have to become a victim.

What to do if a scammer has contacted you:

  1. Hang up right away.
  2. Call us at 1-888-757-6937 to verify your account.
  3. Report the incident to your local police department and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 or the Better Business Bureau’s Scam Tracker.

Here are some things to watch out for:


Text Scam

Scammers will lure you by offering refunds through text message or social media. The message can look very real – but don’t be fooled:

  • We never send e-transfers.
  • Never click links in the messages. They will take you to a different website – not


Fake Website

Fake websites or pop-ups can look exactly like us.

  • We’re happy to get your feedback – but we’ll never use pop-up ads or surveys.
  • Always check the spelling of a URL and keep your antivirus software updated. Fake websites can have links that could harm your computer.


Phone Call

If you get a phone call from a scammer, they'll try to scare you or pressure you to get your money.

  • We’ll never ask you to buy prepaid cards or give us credit card information over the phone.
  • We’ll never disconnect your power within an hour if you don’t pay right us right away. We work with customers to make repayment arrangements to avoid disconnection.

Some phone numbers may be like ours - but our representatives only leave one number: 1-888-757-6937.


Scam Email

If you get an email from “SaskPower Billing” – it’s fake. Scammers are trying to get you to give them your personal information.

  • You’ll never get your bill via email. Only customers signed up for an online account will get a billing notice or emailed copy of their bill once it’s ready.
  • Never open documents attached to these emails. If you download these files or open them, you could endanger your computer.

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