Submit Your Meter Readings

There are 4 ways you can submit your meter reading:


Why Submit Your Meter Readings?

  • Keep your bills accurate
  • Pay for the power you actually use
  • Learn more about your power use

When Should I Read My Meter?

Six days before your billing date is the best time to read your meter. Check your bill to find out your billing cycle and date.

You have until 5:00 pm on your billing date to submit your reading.

We do our best to read meters on schedule. But this may not always happen.

Submit your meter reads to keep your bills as accurate as possible. We try to read meters:

  • In cities and towns: Every third month
  • In rural areas and acreages: Once a year
  • In resort areas: Once a year
  • In communities where the population is less than 500: Once a year

How to Read Your Meter

If you get a meter read card in your mailbox, you should read your meter and submit it to us.

Analog meter dials

  1. Record the exact position of each dial on the card. If the dial is between two numbers, use the lower number. For example, the meter above reads 79314.
  2. Submit your meter reading using the information you recorded on the card.

We read most meters every three months. If we can’t get to the meter, we’ll ask you to read it and submit your results.

Keep the Path to Your Meter Clear

Save yourself time. Let us read your meter!

Keeping the way clear isn't just about getting a read on your meter. It's also a matter of safety.

  • Leash your dog up or put it behind closed doors if the meter reader’s inside the house.

  • Clear the way around your power and gas meters:
    • snow
    • bikes
    • ladders
    • tools

  • Clear ice and snow away from:
    • gates
    • stairs
    • doors

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