SaskPower’s Electric Service Requirements have been prepared to provide requirements for the connection of electrical service to SaskPower’s facilities. The basic intent of these requirements is to ensure conformity to the Code, provide for protection of personnel and equipment, and recognize operational needs while providing as many options as reasonable for the connection of electrical service to SaskPower’s facilities.

Non-Utility Generation Requirements

For non-utility generation requirements, also refer to the following as applicable:

SaskPower Electrical Inspections Division, by the authority of the Electrical Inspection Act for Saskatchewan and the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I, and Saskatchewan Interpretations, has complete authority beyond the point of delivery.

In addition to Code requirements, the Electric Service Requirements cover SaskPower requirements. If not followed, the service request may be refused as SaskPower has an obligation to ensure public safety and maintain service standardization.

Deviations to the Requirements

Under certain circumstances, requests for deviations to the Electric Service Requirements are made to SaskPower by the consumer. These requests must be made in writing and accompanied by drawings. In order to be considered properly, these requests must be received well in advance of construction.

If approval for a deviation is granted, it is only valid for the particular service in question, and is not a general approval for any future services.

Typically the permission to deviate from the Electric Service Requirements for a specific instance is granted by the region engineering supervisor or an equivalent position as it pertains to that specific department or business unit. However, region engineering supervisors or equivalent positions do not have the authority to grant deviations to the Electric Service Requirements that are derived from and stated in the Canadian Electrical Code. Copies of all deviations are to be forwarded to the Electric Service Requirements Committee for review and record retention.

Also, requests for deviations to the Electric Service Requirements may come from SaskPower personnel.

Suggestions for changes to the Electric Service Requirements must be made in writing, using the Request for Change form and mailed or faxed to the address/phone number located on the form.

View the Electric Service Requirements document.

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